Back of Bronco Horn

Back of Bronco Steering Wheel Horn

You can download these instructions as a PDF here: 66-77 Early Ford Bronco Steering Wheel Installation

Every 66-73 early Bronco Steering Wheel must preform the following horn button modification:

Cut off external portion of spring. This wire must not make contact with steering wheel.

To do this, pull spring out slightly and cut at the point where it goes back into button housing with wire cutters. Then push back in slightly so that it is completely within plastic housing.

7035 Steering Wheel Schematics

Installing the Early Bronco Steering Wheel

  1. Point wheels straight ahead and disconnect battery or pull horn fuse before starting removal of the old wheel so horn won’t short out and blow during installation.
  2. Remove horn mechanism by pressing down on horn cap or ring and turn.
  3. Remove nut holding wheel to shaft.
  4. Mark shaft as to which is the top of the wheel.
  5. With conventional puller, use the two tapped holes which you will find in the hub of old wheel to pull off the steering shaft.If a puller is not available, you may improvise an efficient one to do the job. By drilling two holes of the proper size in a short steel bar and using two screws of the proper length, you can tighten them and pull the old wheel very easily
  6. If your old wheel has a turn indicator cam, remove this part, modify as shown in Illustration #1, reinstall in the same position on back of custom hub. Generally this part is affixed to the steering wheel with screws or clamped on by spring tension.
    Bronco Logo Steering Wheel - Illustration 1

    Early Bronco Steering Wheel – Illustration 1

    Apply grease from enclosed capsules to cover the copper contact surface on custom hub. This will reduce wear on the parts and does not interfere with the electrical circuit.

  7. Position hub on splined shaft observing that “top” is located in accordance with the mark which you made in step No. 4.
  8. Position hub cover and steering wheel adapter using the three shoulder bolts provided, but do not tighten them. Install steering shaft nut, but do not tighten.NOTE: For Grant adapters, the shoulder on the bolts WILL NOT pass through the aluminum steering wheel adapter.
  9. Install Steering Wheel with two steering wheel bolts (provided). Check wheel for position, and if correct, tighten the steering shaft nut securely. Then tighten the three shoulder bolts securely.
  10. Remove the two steering wheel bolts. Then install the horn button by attaching the horn contact wires on the hub to the back of the horn button. Install the horn button cover using the six steering wheel mounting bolts provided. NOTE: 74-77 Broncos, the single horn contact wire goes on the center post on back of horn button. NOTE: 74-77 Broncos, the single horn contact wire goes on the center post on back of horn button.NOTE: When using kit 3294 on older Fords. If there is a gap between the hub cover and the column, there is an easy adjustment that can be made. Loosen the bolts under the dash that hold the column in position, move the column housing up or down as needed leaving about a 1/8″ gap and then re-tighten these bolts securely.TORQUE REQUIREMENTS
  11. Reconnect battery or replace fuse and enjoy your new wheel.

For questions on how to install the early Bronco steering wheel call our Tech Line at (541) 779-1339