How do you remove the stock ignition switch from an early Bronco?  If you are having issues installing the ignition switch or tumbler into your 1966-1977 early Ford Bronco, you have come to the right place!

First, insert the key into the ignition tumbler. Proceed by turning the key counter-clockwise until the key is in the “accessory” position. Using a paper clip or pick tool, depress lockout pin while turning the key counterclockwise approximately 1/8 of a turn. The tumbler should then release. Remove tumbler from ignition switch. Note the position of the tumbler as it is being removed from the ignition switch, making sure not to turn the key as it is being removed from the switch. Align the new key and tumbler in the same position. Be sure the flat edge at the end of the new tumbler matches the same position as the old tumbler. You will more than likely need to suppress the pin on the face of the tumbler as shown in video in order to match the same flat edge position.