The 2021 TOMS OFFROAD “5 Days of Free” promotion runs from 3:00 PM PST on Wednesday, November 24, 2021 through 11:59 PM PST on Monday, November 29, 2021.

– Every order placed during the term of the promotion qualifies for an entry into the drawings.

– We will hold 5 separate drawings on the following dates:

Drawing #1 to be held on 11/26/2021 (for orders placed between 3:00PM PST, 11/24/2021 and 11:59PM PST, 11/25/2021) – WINNER: Adam Stone, Houston, TX
Drawing #2 to be held on 11/27/2021 (for orders placed between 12:00AM PST, 11/26/2021 and 11:59PM PST, 11/26/2021) – WINNER: Patrick Pelham, Brooklyn, MI
Drawing #3 to be held on 11/28/2021 (for orders placed between 12:00AM PST, 11/27/2021 and 11:59PM PST, 11/27/2021) – WINNER: Allison Stewart, Costa Mesa, CA
Drawing #4 to be held on 11/29/2021 (for orders placed between 12:00AM PST, 11/28/2021 and 11:59PM PST, 11/28/2021) – WINNER: Tim Coker, Macon, GA
Drawing #5 to be held on 11/30/2021 (for orders placed between 12:00AM PST, 11/29/2021 and 11:59PM PST, 11/29/2021) – WINNER: Nic Barbee, Moulton, AL

– Winners for each drawing will receive a full refund of the order number drawn up to a max refund of $2,000. Credit refund will be processed via the same payment method used for the original order purchase. Shipping may be included in the refund amount, but refund total still may not exceed $2,000 maximum. Sales or use taxes charged will be refunded and do not apply to the total maximum refund of $2,000. Refunds may take several days to show up in winning customers accounts depending on the time it takes for their bank to process the credit.

– Winners’ names and state will be announced via TOMS OFFROAD social media channels and email newsletter. Winners will also be contacted directly by TOMS OFFROAD to let them know they have won.