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1966 Ford Bronco Parts & Accessories – History & Specifications

The 1966 Ford Bronco is in many ways in a class of it’s own. This was the first year model of the Ford Bronco and while the body style remained basically the same throughout the Early Broncos (1966 to 1977 model years) there are some intrinsic differences in the 66 version that makes this year model unique. Ford initially created the Bronco as their answer to the Jeep CJ models and International Harvester’s Scout model. It’s short 92″ wheelbase made the Early Bronco ideal for off-roading.  A few of the specific areas where the 1966 Ford Bronco differs from the later year models are outlined below: The ends of the stock rear bumper on 1966 Broncos went out straight as opposed to the taper found on 67-77 models.  The ends of the stock front bumper on 66 Broncos also did not have this taper but the ends were bent inward to wrap around the sides a bit. 1966 Broncos also had a different wheel hub cap than their 67-77 counterparts.  These hubcaps are only found on 1966 Broncos and are therefore very hard to find and very valuable. 1966 & some 1967 Ford Broncos used a more flat front bucket seat than the rest of the classic Broncos did. Also, most 66 Broncos had a shiny silver seat cover which was discontinued promptly and replaced by the parchment seat upholstery that is commonly seen in early Broncos. You can tell if your classic Ford Bronco has 1966 Bronco seats by measuring the plastic backing of the front bucket seats vertically. If it is a ’66 seat, it will measure 19″ from top to bottom of this backing panel.  Later models measure about 16″.  The rear bench seat on a 1966 Bronco was also slightly different than those of later years in that the arm rests were more of a flat arm rest that mounted on top of the seat arm rest frame where the other year models used an arm rest that wrapped around the top and sides of the arm rest frame. Another common difference found in 66-67 Ford Broncos is in the doors. The rear door post strikers are located in a different location than the 68-77 posts and use a round striker post as opposed to an oval one. The door latches are completely different design with a special plastic bushing kit for the outer door lock rod. The door panels are also quite different than later model Early Broncos. 1966 & 1967 Ford Broncos use a standard twisting pull handle for the inner door handles, whereas the 1968 to 1977 models utilized a paddle handle assembly. The arm rests on a 1966 or 1967 Bronco when present were much smaller than the 68-77 arm rests. There are many more one-year only differences for the 66 Broncos. Watch this page for updates and additional information or call us if you have a question.

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How many 1966 Ford Broncos were made?

1966 Ford Bronco Production Numbers: 23,776 Units Made


1966 Ford Bronco Factory Specifications

1966 Ford Bronco Dimensions:

Wheelbase = 92.0″
Track = 57″ (Front),  57″ (Rear)
Overall Length = 152.1″
Overall Width = 69.1″
Overall Height = 70.8″
Ground Clearance = 8.6″

1966 Ford Bronco Capacities:

# of Passengers = 4
Main Fuel Tank = 14.5 gallon
Auxiliary Fuel Tank = 11.5 gallon
Engine Oil = 5.0 quarts
Transfer Case = 2.75 pints

1966 Ford Bronco Chassis & Suspension Information:

Front Differential = Dana 30 w/Drum Brakes
Rear Differential = Ford 9″ w/Drum Brakes
Transfer Case = Dana 20
Transfer Case Shifter = T-style Shifter Ball w/Boot
Steering Gear Ratio = 24.1 (Factory Manual Steering)
Steering Gear Turns Lock to Lock = 5.3
Steering Linkage = T-Style
Turning Circle Radius = 36.6 ft (Wall to Wall)
Weight Distribution = 50% Front/50% Rear

1966 Ford Bronco Brake Specifications:

Single-Line Hydraulic
Front Drum = 11″ dia. x 2″ width
Rear Drum (Big Bearing) = 11″ dia. x 1.75″ width
Rear Drum (Small Bearing) = 10″ dia. x 2.5″ width

1966 Ford Bronco Wheels & Tire Size:

Wheel Size = 15″ dia. x 5.5″ width
Optional Wheel Size = 16″ dia x 5.0″ width
Bolt Pattern = 5 x 5.5

1966 Ford Bronco Engine Options & Specifications:

Standard = 170 cu. in., Inline 6 cylinder
Optional = 289 cu. in., V8
Igniton = Points

Additional 1966 Ford Bronco Information:

Wipers = Vacuum Controlled
Side Marker Lights = NONE
Emergency Flasher Switch = On Dash