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1969 Ford Bronco Parts & Accessories – History & Specifications

A few major changes were found in the 1969 Ford Bronco model as compared to previous models.  In 1969, Ford Motor Company introduced the new 302 V8 engine as  a replacement for the popular 289 V8 option.  Also, the door window frames were changed from a bolt-in style and now came welded to the lower door shell.  Ford also discontinued the fold-down latch setup for the windshield to fold down (although the Broncos retained the windshield hinge which allowed them to still fold down when the top was off and the retaining knobs removed).  Wiper motors on the 69 Ford Bronco were changed from dual vacuum motors to a single electric wiper motor with wiper transmission arms actuating the wiper arms.  This provided a more consistent wiper assembly and allowed the wiper arms to run synchronized with each other.  Also, the new electric wiper switch came in a dual-speed switch to allow for slow and fast wiper speeds.  The grill was also changed to utilize larger turn signal buckets and the bucket lenses were changed from clear to amber in color.  Also changing in 1969 was the rear hatch opening design. Extra supports were added to the top corners of the liftgate opening and beefier, lengthened side metal strips were added to the tailgate opening sides.  Then a single seal was used to go from the bottom tailgate corner up and over to the opposing tailgate corner.  This tightened up the rear hatch opening and made it much more quiet and well insulated.

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1969 Ford Bronco Factory Specifications – 20,956 Units Made


Wheelbase = 92.0″
Track = 57″ (Front),  57″ (Rear)
Overall Length = 152.1″
Overall Width = 69.1″
Overall Height = 70.8″
Ground Clearance = 8.6″


# of Passengers = 4
Main Fuel Tank = 14.5 gallon
Auxiliary Fuel Tank = 11.5 gallon
Engine Oil = 5.0 quarts
Transfer Case = 2.75 pints


Front Differential = Dana 30 w/Drum Brakes
Rear Differential = Ford 9″ w/Drum Brakes
Transfer Case = Dana 20
Transfer Case Shifter = T-style Chrome Shifter w/Indicator Base
Steering Gear Ratio = 24.1 (Factory Manual Steering)
Steering Gear Turns Lock to Lock = 5.3
Steering Linkage = T-Style
Turning Circle Radius = 36.6 ft (Wall to Wall)
Weight Distribution = 50% Front/50% Rear


Dual-Line Hydraulic
Front Drum = 11″ dia. x 2″ width
Rear Drum (Big Bearing) = 11″ dia. x 1.75″ width
Rear Drum (Small Bearing) = 10″ dia. x 2.5″ width


Wheel Size = 15″ dia. x 5.5″ width
Optional Wheel Size = 16″ dia x 5.0″ width
Bolt Pattern = 5 x 5.5


Standard = 170 cu. in., Inline 6 cylinder
Optional = 302 cu. in., V8
Igniton = Points

Additional Information:

Wipers = Single Electric Motor w/Transmission Linkage
Side Marker Lights = Unlit Side Marker Lenses
Emergency Flasher Switch = On Dash