White Wiper Cover for TOMS OFFROAD & Rampage Soft Tops

69-77 Ford Bronco

White Wiper Cover for TOMS OFFROAD & Rampage Soft Tops
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Condition: New
Part Number: 2383
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Price: $179.95

Fits: 1966-77 Ford Bronco

New white wiper cover for 66-77 Ford Broncos with TOMS OFFROAD, Rampage, Kayline or Specialty Top soft tops or rollbar top kits. MADE IN THE USA!!!

This Wiper Cover fits the following Brands of Soft Top or Rollbar Top
  • Rampage
  • Specialty Top
  • Kayline
This wiper cover system fully encloses the wiper motor, bracket and wiper linkage assembly. This cover looks good whether running a soft top, roll bar top/bikini top or no top at all. The wiper cover is made of durable, ABS plastic and is UV resistant. The molded plastic cover is textured to very closely match the texture of the original vinyl dash pad. This kit includes all brackets needed to install the cover. Brackets are aluminum to prevent rust and corrosion. Made from White plastic material, NOT black plastic and painted. This ensures that the wiper cover will retain its white color and not discolor like other wiper covers where the white is painted onto a black plastic base.

Will not work with factory sunvisors. Requires use of wiper motor lowering bracket (see part #2182)


Fits: 1966 Ford Bronco, 1967 Ford Bronco, 1968 Ford Bronco, 1969 Ford Bronco, 1970 Ford Bronco, 1971 Ford Bronco, 1972 Ford Bronco, 1973 Ford Bronco, 1974 Ford Bronco, 1975 Ford Bronco, 1976 Ford Bronco, 1977 Ford Bronco.

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Review by: Matthew, Feb 20, 2021   star star star star star

This is a fine product and I'm using it, but prospective buyers should know that it is BRIGHT white out of the box. It is not at all close to the parchment color of my interior. But I figured out an easy way to make it match: go to a craft store like Michaels and buy some "alcohol dyes" in yellow and brown. The package might say "dye based" and/or for "non-porous surfaces". You will also need some felts, makeup pads or paper towels to apply it with and a bottle of rubbing alcohol (I used 91%) to wipe the vast majority of it off once you've applied it. Clean the cover well with acetone or similar to make sure you get off anything that might make it even less porous. Put on some rubber gloves unless you want dyed fingers for the next few weeks. Mix your yellow and brown ink to get as close a tone as possible -- test it on the BACK SIDE of the cover until you get the right ratio -- for me it was two drops of brown to five drops of yellow. Don't be alarmed that it will look much too dark until you wipe virtually ALL of it back off. As soon as you coat a section with the ink blend, soak another clean rag well with the rubbing alcohol and do just that -- wipe off 99.9% of it. If it looks too dark add more alcohol to the rag and rub a bit more. What will be left is an almost perfect parchment tone (at least for me), and even a little variation in tone to match the vinyl.

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