66-77 Ford Bronco

Interior Bars

All of our Early Bronco Interior Bars are made with 2 inch OD, .120 wall steel tubing for maximum strength. All bars are pre-bent and come bare metal and unassembled. We offer our Interior Bars unassembled for a few good reasons. The first is that they can be shipped using the standard FedEx service as opposed to the more expensive Truck Freight option. Second is the fact that no two Classic Broncos are the same. There are always custom seats, wiper setups, dashes, etc. that can affect the way a cage will fit in your Bronco. By assembling the bar after mocking it up in the Bronco that it will actually be mounted in, you are able to adjust for any modifications needed prior to assembly. Finally, of course, there is the fact that you can save a load of cash by assembling the Interior Bar yourself if you have the skills and tools to do it.