66-77 Ford Bronco


Shock Absorbers are one of the most critical components in your early Bronco suspension. This is why TOMS OFFROAD went through the time and effort to design our own custom shocks with the 66-77 Ford Bronco in mind. Our TOMS OFFROAD NitroX Shocks are a 70/30 nitrogen charged shock. The valving of these shocks has been preset for optimum performance on your classic Ford Bronco. The fact that our shocks are nitrogen charged where our competitors use hydraulic shocks provides a great advantage for our TOMS OFFROAD NitroX Shocks. Gas charged shocks help to eliminate cavitation as the shocks compress and rebound. Cavitation is where a shock builds "bubbles" within the shock and results in choppy movement within the shock. By eliminating cavitation, you get a more responsive and consistent shock absorption, resulting in a much improved ride quality on or off-road.