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Body Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 3:50:48 PM

66-77 Early Ford Bronco White Gauge Sticker Kit

After the cluster is out of the vehicle, remove the 4 screws located in the picture. Pull off the outside cover to reveal the gauges.

Make sure the faces of the gauges are clean of dirt and anything that will caause the white gauges not to stick down right.

Take the white gauges off the backing, now spray them with the soapy water solution. Now you can slip the needle opening over the needle and line up the white gauges to the gauge faces. Line them all up and do the rest of the set.

Once you have the white gauges lined up how you like them, take your finger and press some of the water out from under the white gauges. Make sure you do not move the white gauges because they move very easy. If you have a squeegee press the water out with it.

Once you have pressed it down firmly take a hair dryer and use a little heat (not too much or it will ruin the white gauge) and press it down, this is melting the white gauge and forming it to the curve of the gauge.

Press the water outwards so you do not get any bubbles under the white gauges, just a little heat while you are doing this and they will turn out perfect.

Cut a slit in the center of the gaugefor the outside piece because the gauge is dome shaped so th ewhite gauge can not lay flat, cut it in the center and overlap them, you can then use the hair dryer and press and seal the ends.

Cut another slit in the thin part of the outside piece if you decide to use it, overlap it like you did in the last step.

You Will Need
  • Bronco white gauge set
  • Spray bottle or bowl with 3 drops or so of dish washing soap
  • Hair dryer
  • Scissors

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