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Instructions Updated 7/16/2023 8:17:31 PM

66-77 Ford Bronco Receiver Hitch Instructions #0928

The following is an instruction guide to install our Class III Receiver Hitch for 66-77 Ford Broncos. This hitch can be installed with either factory rear fuel tanks or 23 gallon fuel tanks. It also will work with stock rear bumpers as well as our rear impact or pre-runner style bumpers. 



  1. Take off any existing bumper and frame mounted fuel tank skid plate.

  2. Clean underside of frame and cover with a rust inhibitor if desired.

  3. Mock up receiver hitch in place using existing elongated drain hole in bottom of frame to match with the furthest back hole in the receiver hitch (refer to picture below). Mark the other two holes in receiver hitch and prepare to drill. Repeat on other frame rail.

  4. Drill the existing 4 holes needed using a 1/2” drill bit.

  5. Slide plates with welded nuts down inside frame rail lining them up with the three holes in the frame rail. Repeat on the other frame rail.

  6. Bolt receiver hitch to frame using hardware provided. If a factory skid plate is being used, sandwich mounting tabs of skid plate between the frame and receiver hitch.

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