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Updated 7/19/2023 6:28:52 PM

Bronco Roll Bar – 8 Point Family Interior Roll Bar Instructions

Important: Please read all instructions before starting. If possible, install the Ford Bronco roll bar with at least one other person. Take your time, installation should typically take 8-15 hours of work depending on skills and tools available.

See Included Diagram for Parts List

Installing the 8 Point Family Interior Ford Bronco Interior Bar for 66-77 Broncos

The 8 Point Family Interior Bronco Interior Bar is cut to a general fitting length. Careful measurement and additional trimming are needed for fitting them to your Bronco. You can trim the tubes with a torch, grinder or plasma cutter. Grind the cuts when done so slag will not prevent a tight fit.

Note: Installation of this Ford Bronco Interior Bar requires welding inside the Bronco. Be sure to cover anything you wish to protect from being burnt. Glass will be ruined if sparks from a grinder, torch or welder are thrown onto it. Have a fire extinguisher handy.

1. With the hard top installed, stand up one of the Rear Hoops (A) inside the rear of the Bronco. If necessary, remove the Rear Hoop from the Bronco and trim it down so that it fits inside the Bronco without rubbing against the hard top. Remember when trimming that there will be a Steel Floor Plate (H) mounted underneath the Hoop. Once the first rear hoop has been trimmed to the correct length, trim the second rear bar to the same height. When you are confident that the two rear hoops are fitted to your liking, you can then remove the hard top. Note: Be sure to fit the interior bar to a hard top and not a soft top. If it fits under a hard top, it will fit under a soft top. Fitting to a soft top will NOT ensure that if fits under a hard top.

2. Place a 4”x4” Steel Floor Plate (H) under each leg of the rear hoop near the tailgate. Fit them approximately ¾” from the tailgate or to your liking. Ensure that the lower part of the leg on the Rear Hoop is at a 90-degree angle with the bed of the Bronco. It sometimes helps to offset the Rear Hoop on the Floor Plate to allow for easier access when bolting the plates to the floor. Center the hoop so that there is an equal distance from the quarter panel on the driver and passenger side. Square the lower leg of the hoop to the floor so that it stands straight up. Be sure to position the Floor Plates at least ¼” away from the quarter panels as you will need to lift the interior bar out later. Once everything is aligned correctly, tack weld the hoop to the floor plates…

Repeat this step for the Rear Hoop behind the seats. We suggest placing this hoop as close to the front of the wheel well as possible for best fit, however it can be moved forward to your liking.

3. Once the two rear hoops are in place and the floor plates have been tack welded to them, measure the distance between the tops of the two hoops and trim the Rear Overhead Parallel Bars (F) to fit. Once they are fitted correctly, tack weld them to the two rear hoops in the position shown in the diagram.

Note: If you have a scrap piece of metal that can be tacked between the two rear hoops to keep them in position, you may do this for now and mount the two Rear Overhead Parallel Bars after mounting the two Front Bars (B) so that the Rear Overhead Parallel Bars can be mounted perfectly in line with the two Front Bars because mounting the Front Bars requires more specific fitting.

4. Take the Front Bars w/3 Bends (B) and trim them so they are in line with the Rear Overhead Parallel Bars. (If you have followed the note in step 3, just fit them to the Rear Hoop behind the seats. You will fit the Rear Parallel Bars to match later). The Front Bars on the driver and passenger side can be moved away from the dash to your liking. Note: The glove box will not open completely (usually enough to get your hand in is all). The e-brake is also hard to use in the stock position. You will need to fit the e-brake over to gain access again (see E-Brake Fitment Instructions). Fit both front bars the same distance away from the dash. Remember, mounting the bars too far back may make it hard to use the window knob handle. A helpful hint when deciding the placement of the front bars is to stand about 20-30 feet away from the Bronco at different angles and look at the fit of it. Take your time to make sure it looks the way you want it to. You only want to do it once and be happy when you are done with it.

5. Once the Front Bars are in the correct position and trimmed appropriately, place a Steel Floor Plate under the leg of each bar. Be sure to leave enough room to lift the interior bar out later. Once the Steel Plates are in the desired position, tack weld them to the Front Bars and tack weld the Front Bars to the Rear Hoop behind the seats. Note: If you followed the note in Step 3, you can now fit the Rear Overhead Parallel Bars to the interior bar assembly in line with the Front Bars.

6. You will now fit the Front Overhead Crossbar 49” (D) between the two Front Bars as shown in the diagram. Be sure to fit it back far enough so that it will not hit your windshield wiper motor or linkage. Note: The bar will need additional room if a wiper motor cover will be installed. Make sure the doors close and the upper doorframes have clearance. Once the Front Overhead Crossbar has been fitted and trimmed, tack weld it in place. Repeat this step for the Dash Cross Bar 51” (C).

7. Now fit the Front Overhead Parallel Bars (E) between the Front Overhead Crossbar (D) and the Rear Hoop behind the Seats (A). We usually mount them about 8 ½” apart from one another, but you can adjust this as desired. Once they have been trimmed and are squared to the Front Crossbar and Rear Hoop, tack weld them in place.

8. Fit the two Leg Brace Bars (G) to the Rear Hoop behind the seats and to the top of the wheel well. Fit them up or down to your liking. Be sure to mount Steel Floor Plates under them as well. Remember to space them away from body. Once correct, tack weld to hold them in place.

9. Now that the Interior Bar has been completely tack welded together, carefully put the hard top back on and check your work. Make sure that it all clears.

10. Remove the hard top and weld the bars together so it can be removed from the vehicle without breaking apart the spot welds. Remember to weld on the lower pads.

11. Drill holes for the mounting plates. Be sure to look what is under the body. Try not to drill through a body seam or close to one, look out for the fuel tank and filler hose.

12. Remove the Interior Bar assembly from the Bronco. Once out of the vehicle, take the time to weld up all seams. You can now primer and paint or powder coat the interior bar.

Please note, a normal bikini top will not fit these bars. We do offer a Family Bikini Kit that will fit this Bronco Roll Bar (Part #2173).

E-Brake Fitment Instructions

1. Remove the mounting bolt that holds the E-brake to the dash. Leave the two mounting bolts that attach it to the firewall in place.

2. Pivot the e-brake assembly towards the passenger side enough so that you have adequate room to depress the pedal.

3. Mark and drill a new mounting hole in the dash and mount the bolt in the new position.

66-77 Bronco Roll Bar - 8 Point

The 8 Point Family Interior Ford Bronco Roll Bar

For technical assistance installing this Ford Bronco roll bar, please call 541-779-1339.

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