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Drivetrain Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 4:09:19 PM

Bronco Twin Stick Shifter For Dana 20 Transfer Case

Danger: This modification makes it possible to shift one shifter into high, and one shifter into low at the same time!! If accidentally done while moving this can cause damage to the transfer case or other driveline parts!!

J-Shift for Early Ford Bronco

Remove stock bronco shifter.
Cut shift rails with sawsall or cut-off tool leaving small gap between them.
Mount twin-stick using original shifter.
Mounting hardware.

Note: No internal modifications are required for J-Shift Transfer Cases.

Warranty: 1year materials and workmanship

Bronco Dana 20 Modifications for J-Shift
Bronco Dana 20 J-Shift

T-Shift for Early Ford Bronco

Remove stock Bronco shifter,
Install twin-stick using the new hardware and the original clevis pins.

Note: For fully independent shift-rails on T-Shift types, interlock rod(s) between shift-rails must be removed completely*. Disassembly of transfer case required.

* Sometimes removal of front rod allows rear to pop out of low range.

Interlock Rods
Bronco Dana 20 T Shift

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