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Drivetrain Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 3:17:03 PM

Bronco V8 Power Steering Conversion Kit – 4600 & 4605

A Few Notes About the Early Bronco V8 Power Steering Kit

  • Phasing keeps the forks of the yokes closest to each other in line and parallel to the center line of the shaft to avoid binding.
  • Always use the minimum angle when designing your system.
  • Never weld a universal joint. Welding reduces the strength of the metal and can belt the needle bearing seal.
  • Set screws are supplied on all splined and dd u joints.
  • If you need to cut the telescoping lower shaft, you should cut the longer solid steel end of that shaft.

Universal Joint Warranty Disclaimer

Due to the performance and the custom use of this product, Flaming River Ind. Inc. makes no warranty expressed or implied, oral or written to the purchaser, regarding safety, fit, merchantability or length of service.

We do not recommend this product be welded. Welding can reduce the strength, the metal and/or melt the needle bearing seal. The installer of this product understands that choosing to weld the material is at your own risk.

Important: Buffing creates a very attractive finish in a matter of minutes. However, it is very important that the caps not be buffed on or near. The seal cannot be heated by the buffing or it will destroy the joint.


  1. Park the Bronco on a flat surface, place transmission in park (automatic)or in gear (manual). Apply the parking brake.

  2. Remove steering shaft assembly: Remove the steering wheel and the spring underneath it. Loosen the clamp on the steering shaft where the shaft enters the column in the engine compartment. Slide the clamp down toward the steering box. We find it easiest to cut the steering shaft in half between the column and steering box_this prevents you from having to remove the steering column to remove the shaft. Once the steering shaft is cut, slide the shaft out the top of the column.

  3. Remove the 1 5/16 nut from the bottom of the steering box and remove the pitman arm. (You may need a puller). Remove the steering box from the frame.

  4. Install the new power steering box with the three bolts provided. Torque the bolts to 65 foot lbs. Slide the new upper shaft down through the column, install the lower bearing and felt washer, and clamp on the shaft. On the top of the steering column, install the centering cone and spring. Install the steering wheel and tighten the wheel nut. While pushing the steering wheel down about an 1/8″ from rubbing against the steering column, have someone slide the steering shaft clamp up against the bottom of the column and tighten clamp. Next installing telescoping lower shaft, using instructions provided. We recommend using Lock-tite on jam nuts. Turn the wheel all the way to the left, turn back all the way to the right counting revolutions. Then center the steering box by turning half of the revolutions back. With the tires pointing straight ahead, slide the pitman arm onto the new box (NOTE: May need to index pitman arm to get full turns left and full turns right, call for details). Tighten nut to 125 foot lbs.

  5. Remove radiator, fan, water pump and crank shaft pulleys. Install double groove water pump and crank shaft pulleys. Install power steering pump and tensioner bracket with hardware provided. Tighten belts and install the radiator. Hook up the power steering hoses and fill the pump with power steering fluid (not ATF). Start the engine for 10 seconds and shut off. Top off the steering fluid. Do this procedure until the reservoir stays full.

  6. Recheck all fasteners and road test. (You may need to remove and straighten the steering wheel.)

  7. Recheck all fasteners after 100 miles of driving.

V8 Power Steering Kit Packing List
  • 1 New Power Steering Box & Bolts
  • 1 Heavy Duty Power Steering Pump O-Ring Style
  • 1 Pump Bracket & Pulley (Connected to Pump)
  • 1 Pump Belt
  • 1 Dipstick (In Pump)
  • 1 – 7” Long Bolt & Nut (In Pump)
  • 1 Upper Steering Shaft w/Nut
  • 1 Lower Collapsable Shaft
  • 1 Double Groove Crankshaft Pulley
  • 2 Steering Shaft Couplers w/Lock Tight
  • 1 Double Groove Water Pump Pulley
  • 1 Flat Water Pump Bracket
  • 2 Pump Bracket Bolts
  • 2 Power Steering Hoses
  • – (High & Low with O-Rings)
  • 1 Hose Clamp

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