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Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 5:01:16 PM

Crossmember Assembly For NV3550 Into 66-77 Ford Bronco

NV3550 Crossmember Assembly for Ford Bronco
NV3550 Crossmember Assembly for Ford Bronco - Figure 1

This crossmember is designed to fit the NV3550 transmission into 1966-77 Ford Broncos. This three piece mount bolts directly to the stock frame rails using the stock frame holes. The Fords frame rails are tapered from the front to the back; our crossmember mount has this same taper. When fitting the crossmember between the frame rail, a rubber mallet may be necessary to knock it into position. One of the prototype vehicles that we installed the crossmember into had some welds on the inside frame rails that needed to be ground off before the crossmember would fit. Due to the age of these vehicles, the frame rail width may vary, which could cause some proper fit issues. The NV3550 transmission mount plate should be bolted to the transmission as shown. This offsets the rubber mount mating surface back towards the rear axle and up towards the floorboard.

The rubber support should then be bolted to the transmission mounting plate. The crossmember can now be fitted to the rubber mount and the frame rails. The driver’s side exhaust should fit under the crossmember and the passenger side exhaust should fit inside the crossmember. Depending on the exhaust configuration in your vehicle, you may be required to do so modifications to the exhaust for proper fit. The new crossmember is a tight fit between the transfer case and transmission. A notch has been cut in the crossmember for clearance of the Dana 20 front output retainer bolt. This notch is necessary on applications using the stock transfer case rotation. Due to tight tolerances, the crossmember holes to the frame have been oversized to allow for some adjustment. We have also slotted the holes in the crossmember tube to allow for some vehicle variances. Once the crossmember has been secured to the frame, be sure to secure the rubber mount to the tubular section of the crossmember mount.

NV3550 Crossmember Assembly for Ford Bronco
NV3550 Crossmember Assembly for Ford Bronco - Figure 4
Kit Consists of:
  • (x1) — 716000-1 –CROSSMEMBER MOUNT
  • (x1) — 716000-2 — TRANSMISSION PLATE MOUNT
  • (x1) — 716000-3 — TRANSMISSION RUBBER MOUNT
  • (x2) — 720011 — 10mm-1.5 NUT (for studs in rubber mount)
  • (x10) — 723704 — 3/8″ LOCK WASHERS (8 for frame bolts, 2 for rubber mount studs)
  • (x8) — 723722 — 3/8″-16 x 1-1/4″ H.H.C.S. (crossmember-to-frame bolts)
  • (x10) — 723735 — 3/8″ FLAT WASHERS (8 for frame bolts, 2 for rubber mount studs)
  • (x4) — 724302 — 7/16″ FLAT WASHER (trans plate to rubber mount)
  • (x6) — 724303 — 7/16″ LOCK WASHER (2 for trans plate to rubber mount & 4 for trans plate to trans)
  • (x2) — 724304 — 7/16″-14 NUT (for trans plate to rubber mount)
  • (x6) — 724307 — 7/16″-14 x 1″ H.H.C.S. (2 for trans plate to rubber mount)

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