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Engine Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 2:25:28 PM

Electric Fuel Selector Valve for Early Ford Bronco

Important Information

This selector valve is designed for use on fuel systems requiring 8psi vacuum or less. Not for use in fuel injection systems. DO NOT allow the valve to remain dry for an extended period of time.


  1. Clean an area of the frame near the existing fuel selector valve for the new valve to be mounted. Make sure the metal of the frame is bare in this area to allow for a good ground with the mounting bracket of the valve.

  2. Bolt the new valve to the frame so that the incoming and outgoing nozzles are running horizontal. The outgoing (single) nozzle should be facing the front of the Bronco.

  3. Disconnect the auxiliary fuel line from the manual valve and route it to the new electric valve. Making sure to keep the bends in the line as mild as possible, cut the fuel line to length and connect it to the fuel selector valve using a hose clamp. See the diagram for which nozzle to connect to.

  4. Repeat step 3 for the main tank fuel line and the outgoing fuel line.

  5. Once installed, check hardware and hoses to ensure a tight, leak-free installation.

  6. Now, connect the lead wire to the new electric valve.

  7. Lead the other end of the lead wire to the back of the fuel selector switch. There are six connectors on the back of the fuel selector switch. The top three connectors are being used to select which tank the fuel gauge is reading. You will use the bottom three connectors for this application. Connect the wire that is coming from the fuel selector valve to the auxiliary side post on the back of the fuel switch.

  8. You will now provide power to the electric fuel selector valve. Take a new 18 ga. lead and connect one end to a 12v fused accessory power (hot only when the ignition is in the ON position). Connect the other end of the power lead to the center bottom post on the back of the fuel selector switch.

  9. Installation of the early Bronco electric fuel selector valve is complete! When the valve has no power, the main tank is active. When the valve has power, the aux tank is active.

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