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Suspension Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 12:06:31 PM

Extreme Hoop Shock Mounts for 66-77 Early Ford Bronco


  1. Place the front axle securely on jack stands and remove front wheels and stock shocks. 

  2. For this step you must take extreme care when using a cutting torch to remove original upper shock towers. For safety you should have a fire extinguisher handy.

    On the driver side, wet down some rags and wrap them around the fuel line where it passes along the back side of the coil spring tower and the shock tower. Place a thin piece of tin or sheet metal behind the shock tower to prevent sparks or slag from entering the engine compartment. Now, with extreme care, torch the shock tower off of the frame. 

  3. Follow the same procedure on the passenger side.

  4. Once both shock towers have been removed, grind the frame clean of all slag. On the lower mount on the driver side strut arm, grind the outside rivet heads off flush with the stock bracket. 

  5. Knock the outside bracket off with a hammer and grind the rest of the rivet flush with outside of the strut arm. Using a hammer and a punch, drive the rivets out of the strut arm.

  6. Repeat the process on the other side.

  7. Drill out the holes in the strut arm to 7/16 and install the new brackets with the 7/16 bolt, lock washers and nuts. Using the rear hole in the new bracket as a guide, drill a 7/16 hole through the strut arm and install bolt, lock washer and nut. Repeat the process on the other side and tighten all six bolts securely.

  8. Now remove outside bolt on upper coil retainer brackets. 

  9. Place the shock hoop into position and install the new 3/8 bolt through the coil retainer bracket and into the hoop shock bracket. Tighten the bolt up loosely at this time so you can adjust the hoop bracket. Adjust the hoop bracket parallel with the fender well above it. 

  10. Next clean off paint and undercoating around the pads to be welded to the frame. 

  11. Once the frame is clean, hold the hoop bracket flush to frame and tack weld both front and rear pads. Check to make sure hoop is still parallel with the fender well and weld pads secure to frame. Now tighten the upper coil retainer bolt through the hoop bracket. 

  12. Repeat the process on both sides.

  13. Once welds have cooled completely, paint all bare metal area. Install new shocks with hardware provided.

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