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Updated 7/19/2023 6:25:19 PM

Ford Bronco Roll Bar Top Kit Instructions

What You Will Need to Install the Bronco Bikini Top

Care Instructions

  1. Hand wash with a mild, non-detergent soap. Use a soft, non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. DO NOT wash in direct sunlight. Avoid automatic car washes.
  3. When top is clean, use a canvas top protectant to prevent sun damage.

Tools Required

  • 3/8” Wrench 4. #2 Phillips Screwdriver 7. Tape Measure
  • 7/16” Wrench 5. 1/8” Drill Bit
  • 1/2” Wrench 6. Electric Drill

Parts List

  • Windshield Riser
  • 9 x 5/16-18 Hex Nut
  • 4 x #8 x ½ Sheet Metal Screws
  • 9 x 5/16-18 x 3/4 Hex Bolt
  • Wiper Motor Lowering Bracket
  • 3 x 3/8 Sheet Metal Screw Stud
  • 9 x 1/4 Flat Washer
  • Channel
  • 9 x 5/16 Star Washer
  • Footman Loop

How to install the 66-77 Early Ford Bronco Bikini Top Kit

NOTE: We recommend installing the early Ford Bronco Bikini top in temperatures above 70 degrees F. It is normal for the top to form wrinkles when stored in shipping carton. The top will relax and the wrinkles will disappear within a few days of the top being installed.

1: Riser Installation: (If your Bronco already has a windshield riser, skip this step) With your hard top off, center the riser on the top of the windshield frame. The holes in the bottom of the riser will line up with the bolt holes in the top of the windshield frame. Place 5/16-18 x 3/4 hex bolts through 1/4 flat washer. Place bolt through the top of the riser and windshield frame. Place star washer on end of the bolt and secure with 5/16-18 hex nut. See figure 1 for details. (You will have to remove this riser in order to reinstall the hard top).

2: Wiper Motor Lowering Bracket: If your Bronco has stock electric wipers, you must install the lowering bracket to allow for clearance of the top. First, remove the wiper linkage from the motor. Remove motor from original bracket and remove bracket from windshield. Mount wiper motor lowering bracket into stock bracket holes on the windshield frame. Turn the wiper motor upside down and mount it onto the new bracket using the original fasteners. Re-attach wiper arm making sure that wipers are in the correct position.

3: Bronco Bikini Top Installation: Slide the channel over the sewn in rope in top. Place the channel into the slot on the riser and flip the top over the rollbar. Stretch each strap back and find a spot to mount the footman loops. We typically install them toward the upper back of the rear wheel wells but this is completely up to you. Once you find a spot to mount the loops, screw them in and then loop the straps around and tighten. Finally, there is a tab with a snap on the each of the front two corners of the skin. Pull the tub down and forward until tight and then mark for location of snap stud. Install the stud and snap the top into it. Repeat for other side. Installation is complete. We recommend taking the Bronco for a drive and then tightening the rear straps a little more to keep it from flapping in the wind.

66-77 Bronco Bikin Kit - Standard

Click on the image to view the full size 66-77 Early Ford Bronco Bikini Top Kit

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