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Suspension Instructions Updated 7/17/2023 12:12:23 PM

Rear Dual Shock Mounts for 66-77 Early Ford Bronco

The rear mounts consist of 4 parts; 2 upper (frame) mounts and 2 lower (axle) mounts. They are in pairs, left and right. However, the difference is readily apparent so there is little danger in mixing them up. 


  1. First make a center mark on the bottom edge of the back of the wheel well. Then measure to the center of the stock shock mount located to the rear of the axle housing. Transfer this measurement to the front of the wheel well and make a mark. 

  2. Using this mark as a center line, take tin snips and cut a semicircular piece (approximately two inches long by one inch high) from the bottom edge of the wheel well. This provides clearance for the upper shock mount. 

  3. Place the upper shock mount over the frame so that the shock attachment end is in the center of the notch you have cut in the fender well. These mounts are a duplicate of the factory mounts, so a glance at the stockers should tell you if you have them properly located. 

  4. Weld in the right rear upper shock mount, the muffler hanger must be on to the shock mount. Be sure to tie the wiring loom and fuel line (located on the left side of the frame) out of the way before welding. 

  5. Slide the shock on the top mount and place the bottom mount on the bottom end of the shock and slide the bolt in to locate it. 

  6. Swing the bottom of the shock back until the bottom mount contacts the axle housing. Slide it around the axle housing toward the bottom until it butts against the factory lower mount. Center it with the factory mount and tack-weld in place. 

  7. Slip out the bolt of the lower mount and remove the shock, then weld the lower mount to the axle housing.

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